SIcky sick sick sickerson

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I'm sick!!!!! i'm all stuffy and i hate it!!!!! ah! any remedies??? and i need something to take up all my free time. i need a hobby!!!! other then watching tv.

yay! i'm getting married may 9th! only 225 days left!!!! whoo!

As of recent......

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Nothing has really been happening. Adam applied at Stafford for a corrections positions and that was months ago!!!! he has been interviewed and did his oral psych....and passed... whoo! they keep telling him that they will know soon who made the cut... but i just wish they would tell him! ahh!!!!!! I really hope he gets it... we could use it.

on the wedding front we booked the reception venue and the church! whoo! now just to start all the planning..... I've tried on one wedding dress.....did not like it... so that is NOT the dress. um..... I'm really unsure of how to even plan a wedding. I don't know what to do. I need help! later!

September 2nd 2008!!!

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yay!!!!! its my 20th birthday!!!! happy birthday to me!!!!!!

Our Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today was the last day of our summer, well summer break....even though Adam started school on the 25th. We spent the last few days at the lake with Adam's Family and riding the seadoo. whoo!!!! It was very relaxing after having a very stressful last few weeks. and now the busiest 9 months of wedding planning begin. ahhhh!!!! Nothing has really happened since the last time i wrote.... Oh Well maybe... My brother has decided he wants to be Mormon and is getting married August 27th 2009.

Tomorrow is my 20th birthday! yay! I don't really know what I am doing because Adam decided to keep it a secret. lets hope he did good. ( I did a great job!-Adam) I think we are probably just sitting around all day.... who knows...

Saturday was one year from the day my step brother Brandon Mullins was Killed by a drunk driver on Bush river road in Lexington, South Carolina. sad.

no one died this year for my moms and my birthday... thank god... i was getting tired of people dying.


Adam says that on Thursday that he and I are going to Chase and Rebecca's house to play games. Sounds fun! I'm excited to get to know them!

I have run out of things to say for now... I'm sure there will be more soon!