Oct. 30th

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oops. i think i just posted an empty blog. oh well. here's the real thing.

today i had my 2nd interview at claire's. I think it went well. the DM's name is Rina. she was really nice although i think she was a little skeptical of me trying to be assistant manager at age 20. hey! i was asst. man. at dominos when i was 19 and i bet that will be way harder. i kinda got the feeling after i left that she didn't think that i could do the job. if i didn't think i could do the job well i wouldn't have applied. a question she asked was "if you don't get the asst. man. position would you mind just being a back up and a 3rd key (whatever that is)?" i said i wouldn't mind at all.. now that i've had time to think about it i think i should have said something else. that is really the only thing that really worries me about the interview. 

also, today adam and i went to lighthouse! yummy! we both have decided we like them better the humdinger.  i love lighthouse's beer batter fries. TASTY! we ate until we were stuffed.....but apparently that wasn't enough for me because like and hour later when i was hanging out with elmanore....out of no where!!! my stomach was telling me "I NEED FOOD!". so we went to taco bell. :)  

I finally got accomplished today what i have been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now.  I finally went to the church Adam and I want to get married at and asked them what was taking? we went and looked at St. andrews like 2 months ago i think and we have been trying to get them to talk to us ever since. so i got up the guts to go in and talk to them. the lady receptionist was really nice! i was super surprised!  when we went to see the church the first time the receptionist was so mean. but i guess she retired. well anyways.... i guess no one ever knew we wanted to get married there or something and didn't really know anything about it. hmmm...so i told them that Adam's parents were married there and that his Grandparents went there for a very long time.   so in the end they took down my name and number and said they would call me sometime next week! so now lets just hope they do.

I hung out with elmy today. it was a lot of fun. I always laugh so much when i'm with her. we went to lunch, wal mart, the church, rite aide and my moms work! it was fun. then we went back to her house and played guitar hero for like TWO HOURS!!!! it was amazing. i now have more skills at that game then i ever have before. 

then after that to make my day complete, I got to babysit the most adorable baby ever! Rhonda's little boy! most of the time he's really good.... however tonight that was not the story. he was very tempermental. he would cry and cry and his bottle could not warm up fast enough. man oh man.  well my day was all in all good. hope tomorrow is as fun filled...but i doubt it. 


i have my

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interview today! wish me luck!!!!!!

the hardest workout of my life!!!!

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so today meaghan asked me to do a water aerobics class with her. OMG!!!!  it was SOOOO hard!!!! we were in the water for just over an hour and it was tough. i'm so tired. the instructor told us to go home take hot shower, take an asprin and go to sleep. she said we'll be super tired tomorrow and sore. so pretty much i'm out of it as soon as i'm done eating dinner. i need sleep. 

My car

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So... I have this beige '89 Honda accord...and i'm pretty sure its totaled. I left it parked in the top foods parking lot for like and hour while my mom and i went to Adam's mom house to talk about wedding stuff. well bad idea!!!! my mom and i came back... i tried to open my door...and it wouldn't open!!!! oh no!!! and yes i did unlock my car door. well it looks like someone sideswiped it or was trying to pull in or out of the parking spot next to me and didn't turn tight enough or something. so my door is now lower then the spot it is supposed to be in and will not open. i'm pretty sure the hinge is bent or something. my dad said that since my car is so old that the insurance company wouldnt give us enough money to fix it and would probably just say it's totaled. so. needless to say I probably need a new car. ASAP! if you see one let adam or I know.

well this isn't exactly my car....but a close look alike without the stupid spoiler on the back. I don't want another one of these.

In other news... My phone is dying. sadly. it's been on the fritz for a few months and the other day I was on the phone with adam and it was having reception issues. then in the middle of the conversating it powered off and stayed off. so i turned it back on then it had really bad reception for like an hour and now it's been fine ever since. at least for now.

Today I hung out with katie. we sat and talked about her eventful life. which was fun. we drove into aberdeen from monte so i could get lunch money from adam. we ate at oishi in monte. which was ok. Katie had spring rolls which i guess were gross and I have sweet and sour chicken and it was good. then we talked and talked and went back to her house and then i left to go see my dad. which was nice. I haven't seen him in almost a week so it was nice just to see him. :D

well that's all for now I suppose. Adam and I are watching the simpsons movie...which isn't that great but there is nothing else on tv. later.

P.S Adam was a hero today! kinda... he helped little kids cross the street for the downtown trick or treat. fun stuff. When i went to get $12 for lunch officer fellows told me i was blocking traffic so i had to move out of the way... but he was kidding. um...adam tripped over a curb and pulled a muscle. OUCH!

bluff pics

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They all kinda look the same... but all very pretty.... a i think good quality for a phone camera


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Today I found out how expensive a photographer is....even with a discount. WOW! even with the family discount...still on the spendy side.... it will be fine though... we have lots of people to help pay for it. it was a little shocking but i just keep telling myself it's worth it...because it is.

My Aunt Kim is the one who will be doing it. she's amazing! here's her link http://kimfarrellphotos.com/
I'm so happy she has decided to do it for us.

Tomorrow Adam and I are hanging out with Chase and Rebecca! it's always a fun time with them. I'm not really sure what we'll be doing but it will be good.

Tonight is a new Office! that just makes the night all worth while!

I'm a little random tonight so i think i should move on from this writing... Plue i have nothing else to say.

I've been tagged!

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Thanks Becca... I now have something to do. Well I'm supposed to write 6 random facts and tag 3 people to do the same.

1. I love to bake... not cook. Baking is one of the things that makes me most happy... if what I'm baking turns out.

2. I have gone through about 15 phones since august 2007

3. Right after i got my license i was backing out of my dads driveway in central park and ran into some rocks and made a big dent in my car door... and it's still there 3 years later.

4. The beach is one of my favorite places to go.... if only ours was warm..... sadly not so warm... ever.

5. I love going to the movie's. if I can, I go to the movies like 20-30 min before it starts just so i can get the perfect spot.... back row in the exact center.

6. I used to enjoy getting the flu when i was in school so i would have a valid excuse for staying home for extended amounts of time.

tag your it....... PR, Jeremy and April


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Well today I have an interview.... well it's actually in like... um... an hour and a half... I'm pretty nervous but we could really use the extra money. So wish me luck! hopefully I get it... it's at Claire's.

never thought I would work there. But we'll see if I do. anyways! hopefully I get it! and i'll be sure to let you know if I do!

The Big Climb

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Yesterday Adam, Tiffany, Greg and I made the big climb up the BLUFF.... phew that made us tired. i took a few pictures on the way up.... but then when we finally made it up to see the beautiful view.... what did i see on my camera screen??? nothing else but " BATTERY EXHAUSTED ". Lame. so Tiffany and Greg took some pictures and i'll be getting those soon. and I also took a few on my phone that i'll be posting in the next few days. or maybe tonight... we'll see. it was a really pretty view because yesterday was such a sunny and bright day. it was amazing.

well i found one that I can post.... here it is!!!


Well I thought it was a pretty view... i'll see if i can find one of the other direction toward Elma.


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I've been so bored lately! I feel like a complete bum! I wish i could work on wedding stuff more I just don't know what to do. I feel lost.... Luckily Hopie and I have become civil again and i missed her so much and she has said that she will help me with anything i need help with....which is a lot! She does a lot of graphic design so she said she would do our invitations and help me go shopping and all that stuff. thank god!!!!!
I don't know what to have for wedding favors.....i don't want to be cheap about it but i don't really care very much about what people take home from my wedding other then their good memories.
I feel like I should have bought my dress by now but i just am so scatter brained about the whole thing that i haven't put a ton of thought into it.....other then it's going to be white and long and pretty.

I'm just overwhelmed. a lot.

My mom has been busy with other stuff and my dad is not going to be able to help like at all.....and who knows about Adam's parents. .... no wonder there are wedding planners....

thankfully Teri recently moved home so now i have someone to hang out with all the time again.... i have my sanity back.

and on top of not having anything happening with the wedding at all.... I now need a job ...... badly... so if anyone knows of one... let me know.


p.s this is one of our engagement pictures.......