last little bit

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well the last little bit has been....boring but full of stuff to do.... contradiction i know.

Mom, mom to be in law and, MOH and I went to oly last week to look for a wedding dress...and we found THE dress! I was surprised because usually it takes me forever to make a decision. but it was perfect. I was fighting with myself between two dresses and had to try the other one back on before i made my decision. but when everyone was crying i knew it was the one! :D Along with the dress we got EVERYTHING to go with it. My gosh! there's a lot of accessories!!! i didn't know that! well it's completely worth trying on so many dresses to find MY wedding dress.

We went to costco and we started on our sparkling apple cider collection...well added 16 to it... and now we have 37! whoo!!!! i would upload pictures of everything but Adam reads I can't! sorry! you'll just have to wait until May 9th to see everything!!!

see ya!

next on the list is sending out "save the date" cards..... figuring out decorations and flowers! anyone know a good/inexpensive florist? and a cake place? not Susie's please! lol

Adam really wants to be apart of the wedding planning but when i ask him his opinion he just says he doesn't care but then gets upset when i don't ask him.... maybe I'll make him write vows and choose tux's. as long as they are black only, with vests and regular ties. with the dads + Adam in silver and the groomsman in Pink. so he really would only have to choose the style... kinda. if i approved it. I think I'm being a little up tight. I just want everything to be perfect!

we have silverware but no plates! oh no's! umm....OH! and now I'm going to change the pink from Light pink to a medium very vivid full of life pink.

and in the midst of all this my phone died.... like doesn't work..... so i had to switch to Adam's old phone. yay! :/ oh well it's only until April or so.

Pictures for my Aunt :D

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here's just a few... There are more on our website.

I hate the rain

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I HATE THE RAIN!!!! A LOT! its wet and cold and wet!! it makes the bottoms of my pants wet and my feet cold. i really don't like it. if its raining then i can't wear my numerous amounts of flip flops. its very upsetting. although it does make everything so pretty and green. i do love how green our great state is.... even though we have stupid leadership. darn the democrats!

anyways back to the rain.... it is all grey and yucky looking outside. it makes the whole world so dark and dull. I hope it doesnt rain as much as it usually does all winter. but of course it will..... and flood.. weird thing is i don't mind the flooding. I like it. its fun to look at. I do not like the wind and the storms though. they are scary and then the power goes out. then there's no water to take showers. gross.

that is my rant of the day. there might be more to come.

A weekend in the life....

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Friday I went to Olympia with my mom and we scheduled two appointments to try on dresses. one at davids bridal and the other at weddings with joy. That was a relief to finally get it going. after that mom and i went to our fave place to eat in oly...where else other then arbys! whoo! after lunch mom and I went to joannes to look at wedding stuff and just to get some ideas, then to cash and carry to price things and finally to costco to price some more stuff and to buy a few things. by this time my feet were killing me and i was super tired!!! thats a busy day for me!

Adam worked while i played around all day.

Saturday Adam went to a funeral for a co workers dad who had recently passed away. he said it was sad but slightly eventful because his co workers son was there and he is a convicted murderer. and he sat behind adam in the service with his SIX Guards. scary!!!!
I was with my dad all day. he and I went to wal mart and safeway shopping. fun. i just enjoy spending time with my dad now that he is back home. it makes me very happy to be able to spend time with him since we haven't been able to very much in the last few years. after the funeral and my time with dad, adam and i went to his mom's house and had dinner and hung out for HOURS! we were hoping they were going to bunko at the church but they were too tired so we just went home. when we got home we looked at pictures and took some out of the bunch of my brother james and i and my dads family that i can give to him and scan for him. and then we stayed up FOREVER!!!! i was so tired. I've been having severe back pain and neck pain all weekend so i haven't been sleeping well at all.

we didn't go to church this morning because adam and I were both so exhausted, adam because he stayed up late and me because all my pain is making me not sleep well. i dont remember waking up at all but i just wake up as tired as i was when i went to sleep. So today we just sat on the couch and watched tv and movies. Today my mom and i gutted out pumpkins and baked them so we'll have fresh pumpkin to make pies for thanksgiving! yummy!!!! it was really gross and slimy but it will be completely worth it when i take that bite of pie. I also made coconut shrimp and a dipping sauce. they were pretty good...but i don't think i'll be making them again any time soon.. they were really time consuming. oh! i forgot adam and I also got in the hot tub for a few minutes just to see if it would help my back at all and i did. thank god. and ever since we have been sitting around watching tv and relaxing. it's been a pretty nice weekend.


p.s i looked up things to go green and one of them was when you put your toilet paper on the holder to make sure it goes over the top. apparently it wastes less paper. i thought that was kinda i guess i've been green all my life then. :)

Benny and the Jetts!!!!!

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I'm watching 27 dresses ( i love this movie) and i hope i don't make my girls wear something that terrible. really i hope not. anyways......

my mom is now starting to freak out....but just a little. she is realizing that i don't have a dress yet and it's less then 7 months away. and other small little details and she won't stop talking about them. AHH! i think that maybe friday we're going to go up and look at dresses...but only if dale isn't home. why can't we go even if he is here? all he does is sleep on the couch and eat and sleep and sleep. its frustrating. i feel like i should just go and and tell my mom what dress i'm getting even though i want her there. but nothing is getting done doing it her way. I just want to get at least my dress bought!!!!

maybe i'll go looking with tiff and katie this week sometime. lets hope so!!!


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well claires called today and i didn't get the job. they promoted someone else. those jerks! lol oh well i didn't think i would get it i was just hoping. anyways... so i'm still on the job hunt.

I NEED A JOB! badly.

anyways... um.....thats about all that has happened.

saturday my parents made adam and i go to a financial event in portland. it was pretty good actually...once i started not being grumpy. and when we stopped going to harley dealers. i hate them.

and yesterday my church had it's first sunday at the new building. it was good...although i think they should have made the sactuary a little bigger... the attendance was amazing though!!!! 550 people! wow!!!!

um..... im super tired..... thats it. hopefully my life will become more entertaining soon.