it's christmas eve-day! I love it!

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well in honor of Christmas I am writing in RED and hopefully it will look alright with my green background. I hope.

I'm really excited to be spending Christmas with All of my family...including my soon to be family! :) tomorrow we have christmas at Adam's dad's house. that should be fun....especially the food. Lisa (Adam's dad's girlfriend) is an A
MAZING cook! So I'm really looking forward to that. On Christmas Adam and I have Christmas at my mom's house...and my dad is tagging along! whoo hoo! i'm so glad he's here this year!

Well my favorite thing about christmas is the stockings! my mom always does a fantastic job! Most of the time i forget about
presents because I love my stocking so much! I LOVE IT! so thats my favorite thing about Christmas! :)

Adam's Favorite thing about Christmas is the Presents...not the stocking like me. I think he just likes to rip paper up. lol. I'm really excited for this Christmas! :)

OH! My mom bought Adam and I our first little christmas tree. :) here it is!

its pretty cute! I knew we were getting it but Mom and I surprised Adam! He was pretty ecstatic!

Adam wants to put it in the ground and grow it for our own tree in like 20 years....we'll see about that. I guess it depends on if my parents still own this property by then or not. hmm...

Lately Adam and I have been playing A lot of cards. it's been fun. We've been playing nerts and Idiots delight. pretty fun!

Friday Adam and I went to the nutcracker with Chase and Rebecca. Adam was the only one of the four of us who had ever seen it....I guess thats what happens when you don't go to public school in elementary school! at least thats my reasoning.

I am very thankful that all the christmas shopping is done and now all there is to do is open them! although opening presents kinda makes me sad....then the tree is empty all over again and lonely.... :(

Adam says "Hi!". thats it. no more. he's tired and has a stomach ache....he says he's preggers. But I just don't think thats possible.

Ok! well Goodnight! and A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


Rebecca said...

I'd love to go walking with you a couple times a week! That'd be fun! If we went before 12 or on Mondays/Fridays I wouldn't have to bring Tyler with me, which would be easier for me at least. :)

Rebecca said...

I think this Friday should work. I usually work until like 12 or 1. Does anytime after that work for you?