only 1323911 seconds till christmas!!!

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I know that there's that many seconds because on my i pod touch there are a TON of amazing cool apps that keep me occupied and not so bored. :)
So recently I have been a fever for a week coughing sneezing, stuffy kind of sick. and then today i felt flu-ish all day! No good! I was feeling a ton better this weekend but obviously not now.

So pretty much all I've done even more is sit on the couch and take lots of dayquil and NyQuil. Saturday I went to the Ladies luncheon with my other mom and that was really fun! Sharon's table was amazing. I would say it's a tie between Belinda and Sharon whose table was my favorite! To be honest i wasn't a huge fan of the food but it was still a good time! because i won a teacup! whoo! :) no really... i like them a lot i have decided. My grandma used to have a lot of them so my mom and i divided them and now i have a whole bunch! they are so pretty!
After Adam picked me up from his mom's he took me home because i wasn't feeling that great because my med's had stopped working....then we got bored and we hadn't hung out with chase and Becca for a while so Adam called and asked if they wanted to go light looking! whoo hoo! i love Christmas and all the lights! it was really fun even if a lot of the house's failed at even an attempt at putting up lights. I expected more from you Montesano! Oh well I got a carmel apple spice out of the deal to make me all warm and happy!

Sunday was church of course, and this week we went to my mom's church. HCC AKA: Harbor calvary chapel. that was good. talked about the old church in the old day's....the really old days like jesus days and how they were corrupt and how they inflated prices to make themselves more money. after church we went to my dads house and were just expecting to hang out...but no! we got breakfast! THANKS DAD!!! Love you!

Oh! friday I went to see four Christmas's... it was ok but Not that great.

Oh by the way! there is this way cool light show in central park! its on reynvaan drive all the way at the top. reynvaan is across the highway from the fire station. they guy did a ton of work to get it going. he's taking donations and all of them go to friendship house.
p.s part of the reason its so cool is because there's a station on the radio programmed with the lights.

ok well here are a few pictures i've taken recently.