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Today I found out how expensive a photographer is....even with a discount. WOW! even with the family discount...still on the spendy side.... it will be fine though... we have lots of people to help pay for it. it was a little shocking but i just keep telling myself it's worth it...because it is.

My Aunt Kim is the one who will be doing it. she's amazing! here's her link
I'm so happy she has decided to do it for us.

Tomorrow Adam and I are hanging out with Chase and Rebecca! it's always a fun time with them. I'm not really sure what we'll be doing but it will be good.

Tonight is a new Office! that just makes the night all worth while!

I'm a little random tonight so i think i should move on from this writing... Plue i have nothing else to say.


Rebecca said...

I like the style of your photographer, and wedding pictures are totally worth it, it's all you have to remember your wedding day by! :)
We're probably just eating dinner and going to a couple stores tomorrow, if there was anywhere you guys wanted to go while we're there just let us know, we're up for whatever! See you tomorrow.