My car

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So... I have this beige '89 Honda accord...and i'm pretty sure its totaled. I left it parked in the top foods parking lot for like and hour while my mom and i went to Adam's mom house to talk about wedding stuff. well bad idea!!!! my mom and i came back... i tried to open my door...and it wouldn't open!!!! oh no!!! and yes i did unlock my car door. well it looks like someone sideswiped it or was trying to pull in or out of the parking spot next to me and didn't turn tight enough or something. so my door is now lower then the spot it is supposed to be in and will not open. i'm pretty sure the hinge is bent or something. my dad said that since my car is so old that the insurance company wouldnt give us enough money to fix it and would probably just say it's totaled. so. needless to say I probably need a new car. ASAP! if you see one let adam or I know.

well this isn't exactly my car....but a close look alike without the stupid spoiler on the back. I don't want another one of these.

In other news... My phone is dying. sadly. it's been on the fritz for a few months and the other day I was on the phone with adam and it was having reception issues. then in the middle of the conversating it powered off and stayed off. so i turned it back on then it had really bad reception for like an hour and now it's been fine ever since. at least for now.

Today I hung out with katie. we sat and talked about her eventful life. which was fun. we drove into aberdeen from monte so i could get lunch money from adam. we ate at oishi in monte. which was ok. Katie had spring rolls which i guess were gross and I have sweet and sour chicken and it was good. then we talked and talked and went back to her house and then i left to go see my dad. which was nice. I haven't seen him in almost a week so it was nice just to see him. :D

well that's all for now I suppose. Adam and I are watching the simpsons movie...which isn't that great but there is nothing else on tv. later.

P.S Adam was a hero today! kinda... he helped little kids cross the street for the downtown trick or treat. fun stuff. When i went to get $12 for lunch officer fellows told me i was blocking traffic so i had to move out of the way... but he was kidding. um...adam tripped over a curb and pulled a muscle. OUCH!