Oct. 30th

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oops. i think i just posted an empty blog. oh well. here's the real thing.

today i had my 2nd interview at claire's. I think it went well. the DM's name is Rina. she was really nice although i think she was a little skeptical of me trying to be assistant manager at age 20. hey! i was asst. man. at dominos when i was 19 and i bet that will be way harder. i kinda got the feeling after i left that she didn't think that i could do the job. if i didn't think i could do the job well i wouldn't have applied. a question she asked was "if you don't get the asst. man. position would you mind just being a back up and a 3rd key (whatever that is)?" i said i wouldn't mind at all.. now that i've had time to think about it i think i should have said something else. that is really the only thing that really worries me about the interview. 

also, today adam and i went to lighthouse! yummy! we both have decided we like them better the humdinger.  i love lighthouse's beer batter fries. TASTY! we ate until we were stuffed.....but apparently that wasn't enough for me because like and hour later when i was hanging out with elmanore....out of no where!!! my stomach was telling me "I NEED FOOD!". so we went to taco bell. :)  

I finally got accomplished today what i have been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now.  I finally went to the church Adam and I want to get married at and asked them what was taking? we went and looked at St. andrews like 2 months ago i think and we have been trying to get them to talk to us ever since. so i got up the guts to go in and talk to them. the lady receptionist was really nice! i was super surprised!  when we went to see the church the first time the receptionist was so mean. but i guess she retired. well anyways.... i guess no one ever knew we wanted to get married there or something and didn't really know anything about it. hmmm...so i told them that Adam's parents were married there and that his Grandparents went there for a very long time.   so in the end they took down my name and number and said they would call me sometime next week! so now lets just hope they do.

I hung out with elmy today. it was a lot of fun. I always laugh so much when i'm with her. we went to lunch, wal mart, the church, rite aide and my moms work! it was fun. then we went back to her house and played guitar hero for like TWO HOURS!!!! it was amazing. i now have more skills at that game then i ever have before. 

then after that to make my day complete, I got to babysit the most adorable baby ever! Rhonda's little boy! most of the time he's really good.... however tonight that was not the story. he was very tempermental. he would cry and cry and his bottle could not warm up fast enough. man oh man.  well my day was all in all good. hope tomorrow is as fun filled...but i doubt it. 



Rebecca said...

That's exciting about the church! I hope they get back to you soon.
I hope that Claire's would hire you for Assistant Manager and not whatever else they said, I'm sure you'd be great!
We're excited for games tonight! I think I'm going to make some bean dip to snack on and then some fallen chocolate cakes for dessert, hopefully we don't get many trick or treaters!