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I've been so bored lately! I feel like a complete bum! I wish i could work on wedding stuff more I just don't know what to do. I feel lost.... Luckily Hopie and I have become civil again and i missed her so much and she has said that she will help me with anything i need help with....which is a lot! She does a lot of graphic design so she said she would do our invitations and help me go shopping and all that stuff. thank god!!!!!
I don't know what to have for wedding favors.....i don't want to be cheap about it but i don't really care very much about what people take home from my wedding other then their good memories.
I feel like I should have bought my dress by now but i just am so scatter brained about the whole thing that i haven't put a ton of thought into it.....other then it's going to be white and long and pretty.

I'm just overwhelmed. a lot.

My mom has been busy with other stuff and my dad is not going to be able to help like at all.....and who knows about Adam's parents. .... no wonder there are wedding planners....

thankfully Teri recently moved home so now i have someone to hang out with all the time again.... i have my sanity back.

and on top of not having anything happening with the wedding at all.... I now need a job ...... badly... so if anyone knows of one... let me know.


p.s this is one of our engagement pictures.......