I hate the rain

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I HATE THE RAIN!!!! A LOT! its wet and cold and wet!! it makes the bottoms of my pants wet and my feet cold. i really don't like it. if its raining then i can't wear my numerous amounts of flip flops. its very upsetting. although it does make everything so pretty and green. i do love how green our great state is.... even though we have stupid leadership. darn the democrats!

anyways back to the rain.... it is all grey and yucky looking outside. it makes the whole world so dark and dull. I hope it doesnt rain as much as it usually does all winter. but of course it will..... and flood.. weird thing is i don't mind the flooding. I like it. its fun to look at. I do not like the wind and the storms though. they are scary and then the power goes out. then there's no water to take showers. gross.

that is my rant of the day. there might be more to come.


Kimberly Farrell said...

I LOVE the rain! We used to get a lot more when we first moved up here... now? It's totally questionable, what the heck?? Anyways, I wish you had BIGGER pictures on here! I can't see you guys! : )