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well claires called today and i didn't get the job. they promoted someone else. those jerks! lol oh well i didn't think i would get it i was just hoping. anyways... so i'm still on the job hunt.

I NEED A JOB! badly.

anyways... um.....thats about all that has happened.

saturday my parents made adam and i go to a financial event in portland. it was pretty good actually...once i started not being grumpy. and when we stopped going to harley dealers. i hate them.

and yesterday my church had it's first sunday at the new building. it was good...although i think they should have made the sactuary a little bigger... the attendance was amazing though!!!! 550 people! wow!!!!

um..... im super tired..... thats it. hopefully my life will become more entertaining soon.


Rebecca said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job! I'm sure you'll find something else soon though! :)

That's cool about your church, that sounds like a great attendance!