A weekend in the life....

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Friday I went to Olympia with my mom and we scheduled two appointments to try on dresses. one at davids bridal and the other at weddings with joy. That was a relief to finally get it going. after that mom and i went to our fave place to eat in oly...where else other then arbys! whoo! after lunch mom and I went to joannes to look at wedding stuff and just to get some ideas, then to cash and carry to price things and finally to costco to price some more stuff and to buy a few things. by this time my feet were killing me and i was super tired!!! thats a busy day for me!

Adam worked while i played around all day.

Saturday Adam went to a funeral for a co workers dad who had recently passed away. he said it was sad but slightly eventful because his co workers son was there and he is a convicted murderer. and he sat behind adam in the service with his SIX Guards. scary!!!!
I was with my dad all day. he and I went to wal mart and safeway shopping. fun. i just enjoy spending time with my dad now that he is back home. it makes me very happy to be able to spend time with him since we haven't been able to very much in the last few years. after the funeral and my time with dad, adam and i went to his mom's house and had dinner and hung out for HOURS! we were hoping they were going to bunko at the church but they were too tired so we just went home. when we got home we looked at pictures and took some out of the bunch of my brother james and i and my dads family that i can give to him and scan for him. and then we stayed up FOREVER!!!! i was so tired. I've been having severe back pain and neck pain all weekend so i haven't been sleeping well at all.

we didn't go to church this morning because adam and I were both so exhausted, adam because he stayed up late and me because all my pain is making me not sleep well. i dont remember waking up at all but i just wake up as tired as i was when i went to sleep. So today we just sat on the couch and watched tv and movies. Today my mom and i gutted out pumpkins and baked them so we'll have fresh pumpkin to make pies for thanksgiving! yummy!!!! it was really gross and slimy but it will be completely worth it when i take that bite of pie. I also made coconut shrimp and a dipping sauce. they were pretty good...but i don't think i'll be making them again any time soon.. they were really time consuming. oh! i forgot adam and I also got in the hot tub for a few minutes just to see if it would help my back at all and i did. thank god. and ever since we have been sitting around watching tv and relaxing. it's been a pretty nice weekend.


p.s i looked up things to go green and one of them was when you put your toilet paper on the holder to make sure it goes over the top. apparently it wastes less paper. i thought that was kinda cool....so i guess i've been green all my life then. :)


Rebecca said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, except the back and neck pain.

Did you find any dresses? I remember those days going with my mom pricing things and getting ideas, it really is so exhausting, but still fun. :)