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well the last little bit has been....boring but full of stuff to do.... contradiction i know.

Mom, mom to be in law and, MOH and I went to oly last week to look for a wedding dress...and we found THE dress! I was surprised because usually it takes me forever to make a decision. but it was perfect. I was fighting with myself between two dresses and had to try the other one back on before i made my decision. but when everyone was crying i knew it was the one! :D Along with the dress we got EVERYTHING to go with it. My gosh! there's a lot of accessories!!! i didn't know that! well it's completely worth trying on so many dresses to find MY wedding dress.

We went to costco and we started on our sparkling apple cider collection...well added 16 to it... and now we have 37! whoo!!!! i would upload pictures of everything but Adam reads I can't! sorry! you'll just have to wait until May 9th to see everything!!!

see ya!

next on the list is sending out "save the date" cards..... figuring out decorations and flowers! anyone know a good/inexpensive florist? and a cake place? not Susie's please! lol

Adam really wants to be apart of the wedding planning but when i ask him his opinion he just says he doesn't care but then gets upset when i don't ask him.... maybe I'll make him write vows and choose tux's. as long as they are black only, with vests and regular ties. with the dads + Adam in silver and the groomsman in Pink. so he really would only have to choose the style... kinda. if i approved it. I think I'm being a little up tight. I just want everything to be perfect!

we have silverware but no plates! oh no's! umm....OH! and now I'm going to change the pink from Light pink to a medium very vivid full of life pink.

and in the midst of all this my phone died.... like doesn't work..... so i had to switch to Adam's old phone. yay! :/ oh well it's only until April or so.


SAND said...

Barnes Florist is the best one in Aberdeen. And they are pretty cheap.